Short Stories

Short stories are perfect for children learning English and learning to read.

The Frog Prince

Once upon a time there was a Princess. Many a suitor came to the palace to win her hand in marriage, but it seemed to the Princess that each one of them looked at her without really seeing her at all. “They act like there’s nothing more to a princess than her fine crown and royal dresses,” she said to herself with a frown. One afternoon after one of these visits, the Princess thought, “Sometimes I wish I were little again.” She found her favorite ball from childhood, the one that sparkled when she threw it up high to the sun. She took the ball to the palace yard and threw it higher and higher. One time she threw it extra high and when she ran to catch the ball, she tripped on a tree stump. The ball fell and plopped right down into the royal well! She raced over...

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There was once a rich man whose wife lay sick, and when she felt her end drawing near she called to her only daughter to come near her bed, and said, "Dear child, be pious and good, and God will always take care of you, and I will look down upon you from heaven, and will be with you." And then she closed her eyes and expired. The maiden went every day to her mother's grave and wept, and was always pious and good. When the winter came the snow covered the grave with a white covering, and when the sun came in the early spring and melted it away, the man took to himself another wife. The new wife brought two daughters home with her, and they were beautiful and fair in appearance, but at heart were, black and ugly. And then began very evil times for the poor...

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The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs – Con ngỗng đẻ trứng vàng

Con ngỗng đẻ trứng vàng là truyện ngụ ngôn của Aesop, khuyên nhủ chúng ta đừng để lòng tham che mờ đôi mắt, hãy biết trân trọng những gì mình đang có. The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs Con ngỗng đẻ trứng vàng Once upon a time, a man and his wife had the good fortune to have a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough. They imagined that if the bird is able to lay golden eggs, its insides must be made of gold. And they thought that if they could get all that precious metal at once, they would get mighty rich very soon. So the man and his wife decided to kill the bird. However, upon cutting the goose open, they were shocked to find that its innards were like...

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