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Tiếng Anh 4 – Unit 1 – Lesson 1

1. Look, listen and repeat:

– Good morning, class.
– Good morning, Miss Hien.

Nice to see you again.

– How are you, Mai?
– I’m very well, thank you. And you?
– I’m very well, too.

– Good morning, Miss Hien. Sorry, I’m late!
– Yes, come in.

2. Point and say (Chỉ và nói)

a. Good morning
b. Good afternoon
c. Good evening

3. Listen and tick. (Nghe và đánh dấu)

1. B2. A3. A



Nam: Good afternoon, Miss Hien.
Miss Hien: Hi, Nam. How are you?
Nam: I’m very well, thank you. And you?
Miss Hien: Fine, thanks.


Phong: Good morning, Mr Loc.
Mr Loc: Good morning, Phong.
Phong: It’s nice to see you again.
Mr Loc: Nice to see you, too.


Mai: Goodbye, daddy.
Father: Bye, bye. See you soon.

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