Tiếng Anh 4 – Unit 3 – Lesson 3

1. Listen and repeat. (Nghe và đọc lại.)

Bài nghe:

– ir first: My birthday is on the first of July.

– ur Thursday: I have English on Thursdays.

– er her: Mr Loc is her English teacher.


2. Listen and circle…(Nghe và khoanh tròn. Sau đó viết và đọc lớn.)

1. b2. b3. a

Hướng dẫn dịch:

1. My birthday is on the first of July.

2. We have English on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

3. This is her class.


3. Let’s chant. (Cùng hát)

Bài nghe:

What do you do on…?

What day is it today?

It’s Friday.

What do you do on Fridays?

I go to school in the morning.

How about in the afternoon?

I go swimming.

What day is it tomorrow?

It’s Saturday.

Do you go to school on Saturdays?

No, I don’t.

I go to the zoo in the morning. What do you do on Saturdays?

I help my parents in the afternoon.


4. Read and answer. (Đọc và trả lời)

1. Her name is Mai. 

2. Today is Monday. 

3. No. She goes to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

4. She goes swimming on Saturdays and visit her grandparents on Sundays.


5. Write about you. (Viết về em)

– What class are you in?

→ I’m in 4A. 

– What day is it today? 

→ Today is Wednesday. 

– What do you do at the weekend? 

→ I go to the zoo on Saturday morning and play the piano on Saturday afternoon.

I visit my grandparents on Sunday morning and go swimming on Sunday afternoon.


6. Project. (Dự án)

Dat plays football on Saturday morning and does his homework on Saturday afternoon. He visits her grandparents on Sunday morning and helps her parents on Sunday afternoon.

Hung goes swimming on Saturday morning and listens to music on Saturday afternoon. He visits his friends on Sunday morning and plays the guitar on Sunday afternoon.

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